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Evangelism and Mission

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Both Sides Now S$10.60


Banner of Truth Trust

Both Sides Now

(by Peter Barnes) How we understand ourselves and life in this world is inexorably linked to how we understand God. Knowing ourselves and understanding the world in which we live is something about which we are all concerned. Augustine confessed to God, ' I could not find myself, much less find you.' Sixties' folk singer Joni Mitchell sang, 'I've looked at life from both sides now' but lamented, 'I really dont know life at all.' In this contemporary look at the book of Ecclesiastes, Peter Brnes...
Bringing the Gospel Home S$13.20


Crossway Books

Bringing the Gospel Home

(by Randy Newman) Jesus is off limits for a lot of families and friends—or at least that’s how it appears sometimes. Why does sharing the good news with a stranger often feel less frightening than telling those you love most? For the vast majority of Christians, evangelism does not come naturally. We find ourselves sounding like someone we’re not or beating ourselves up for not being bold enough, smart enough, or quick enough. Randy Newman understands the complexity and consequences of...
But Is It Real? S$10.30


Evangelical Press

But Is It Real?

Your relationship with God is just a psychological crutchBelief in God is dangerousI used to believe, but I've given it all up Is God real? Is it possible to know anything, let alone know him? Why do bad things happen to people who worship this God? What about the spiritual experiences of other faiths? All of these accusations, objections and questions have come directly from real-life situations. Says Amy, 'I hope that the thoughts offered here will help you see what the Christian faith has to...
Can We be Good Without God? S$2.80


Evangelical Press

Can We be Good Without God?

(by John Blanchard) One of the things that distinguishes humankind from every other species on earth is that we have a moral dimension. A moral law seems to be programmed into our psychological ‘software’ and our awareness of it is triggered by the conscience, a mysterious monitor that pokes its nose into every nook and cranny of our lives. Why should this be the case? Does our moral sense come from nature? Is it nothing more than a cultural phenomenon? Is personal preference the deciding...
Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel S$14.10


P & R Publishing

Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel

(edited by Samuel Ling & Stacey Bieler) Introduces modern, mainland-Chinese intellectual history, and presents the strategies and models Christians have employed to reach these Chinese intellectuals. "If you long to know more about the land where the gospel is exploding, then this is your book. Read it prayerfully and look for a way to get involved." Joseph M. Stowell III  
Christ's Last Command S$18.10


Bob Jones University Press

Christ's Last Command

(by Peter Steveson) In a direct, but thoughtful manner, Peter A. Steveson approaches the apparent disconnect between what believers know of Christ’s Last Command and what they do in response to it. Many fail to fulfill this most basic part of the Christian walk simply because their lack of preparation has trapped them in fear. But Christ has amply provided everything necessary to fully equip His servants for their mission. Steveson’s style, application of godly common sense, and use of...

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