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Stephen Tong

Stephen Tong was born from a Chinese father and an Indonesian mother of Chinese descent. During World War II, the father died and the family decided to move to Semarang, the native city of the mother.

Stephen Tong was one of seven brothers, five of whom have became Christian ministers. He was educated in the Southeast Asian Bible Seminary, a prominent theological seminary located in the city of Malang, Indonesia.

Beginnings of Ministry

Stephen Tong has been preaching since the age of 17, in 1957. In 1974 he started to hold seminars on Reformed Theology in Surabaya. This developed into SPIK seminars in 1984 in Jakarta. Three milestones in his ministry were the founding of Stephen Tong Evangelical Ministries International in 1979, with offices in Singapore and San Diego, the founding of Lembaga Reformed Injili Indonesia (Indonesian Evangelical Reformed Foundation) in 1986, together with Yakub Susabda and Caleb Tong, and the establishment of Gereja Reformed Injili Indonesia (Indonesian Evangelical Reformed Church) in 1989

In 1986, Stephen Tong founded STRI (Evangelical Reformed Seminary) in Surabaya. This was followed by the establishment of further branches of STRI in Jakarta (1987) and Malang (1990).1996, he founded the Reformed Institute for Christianity in Washington D.C

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