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Biblical Economics


The subtitle of Biblical Economics is actually a much better description of what this book is all about: "A commonsense guide to our daily bread." Although biblical principles are found throughout the book, Biblical Economics is really about how the free market works (or would work, if bureaucrats didn't get involved). Many misconceptions arise when the word "economics" is used, not the least of which being that economics is only about money. Noah Webster, in his 1828 dictionary put it this way in the first definition of the word "economy" : "Primarily, the management, regulation and government of a family or the concerns of a household." Rightly understood, economics is about far more than managing your money, it is about managing your spouse, your children, your time, and your mind. Economics is a measurement of value, i.e.where people place their priorities. Biblical economics then is about placing value where God places value; esteeming what He esteems, desiring what He desires. In other words, biblical economics is about stewardship. And because R.C. Sproul, Jr. understands this principle, the book's very first chapter is titled: "Stewardship."

This point immediately moves Biblical Economics out of the broad category of books about economics and into the much smaller and lonelier category which should be called: "Books that are actually helpful;" or more to the point, "Books that actually teach something important." Families, especially Christian ones, need to learn, live, and exemplify this simple fact that economics is about far more than money. We need to understand that if we decide to watch a movie instead of cleaning the kitchen, we are making an economic decision. We need to understand that choosing Froot Loops over Raisin Bran at the breakfast table is an economic decision. We need to understand that the story of the rich young ruler in Luke 18 is an economic one. We need to understand that the story of Martha and Mary (Luke 10: 38-42) is an economic one, as is Jesus' somber admonition about gaining the world but losing your soul (Mark 8:35-37). Economics is an intensely practical, and intensely necessary, field of study that has much to say to every area of human life. We ignore the study of economics to our own peril...

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